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FinTech 101 Lunch & Learn - Getting Started with Synctera

Join Synctera CTO Kris Hansen to learn about his own journey scaling a neobank, and his advice on how to work through initial blockers. He'll be answering all your questions from how to build out your back end to track your customers to how to think about launching a debit or credit product.

Synctera Lunch & Learn - So you want to set up your bank for FinTechs?

Hosted by our CEO Peter Hazlehurst, this session will explore FinTech Banking, including everything from why it could be a good fit for your bank, how to get started, and many other important considerations along the way.

Community Banks & BaaS: How Synctera is Simplifying FinTech Partnerships

Peter Hazlehurst joins Keith Daly Director – Banking & Fintech at Travillian and Kevin Herrington, President, CEO, Chairman at Lineage Bank to discuss how Synctera is simplifying Bank-FinTech partnerships and some of the industry trends to keep an eye out for as we approach the new year.

Send and Receive ACH Payments with Synctera

Join Senior Product Manager Raquel Fernández-Montes and our platform Lead Engineer Steve Venzerul as they do a technical deep dive into the world of ACH and how the Synctera platform can simplify things.

Getting to a Successful FinTech - Sponsor Bank Partnership

Join Synctera’s Head of Risk Mitchell Lee and your FinTech peers to learn about important items FinTechs need to manage when finding a Bank partner and undergoing the “Bank due diligence” process before connecting.

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