The Synctera platform

Modern financial products require a modern BaaS platform

Our Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform is purpose-built from the ground up to be the efficient engine that powers whatever financial products or services you can dream up. It’s flexible, easy to connect to, and infinitely scalable.

Why build with Synctera's BaaS platform

One stop shop for building banking

Get everything you need to build, launch and scale a banking product in one easy contract

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Infinite scalability

With Synctera, you're not locked into your partner bank's core system, so you can easily partner with additional banks as you scale

A single set of modern, flexible APIs

Build banking products

With Synctera, use one set of APIs to access all of the services you need to build safe, compliant embedded banking products and FinTech apps. Integration is fast and easy.

Access best-in-class services

Many of our services are provided by best-in-class providers. With Synctera, there is no need to contract and integrate with multiple vendors, or manage entity resolution across different vendors' customer IDs.

Easily bring your use case to life

Flexible API resources

Our APIs have multiple resources, resource types, and domains. This gives you lots of flexibility in how you define relationships among these resources, allowing you to bring your use case to life

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Don't be constrained by legacy technology

Our platform sits alongside your sponsor bank’s core, not within it, giving you freedom and flexibility to build a modern and innovative product

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Account templates

We offer templates to help you easily build and define the behaviors of checking and savings accounts for your customers

Synctera Starter Apps

Quickly build beautiful, intuitive mobile banking experiences

Synctera White Label Banking App
  • Use our white label app codebase to build end-to-end mobile banking experiences for your customers

  • Full-featured; works out-of-the-box with the Synctera platform

  • Synctera can help you add integrations and other customizations

  • Free perpetual license for contracted Synctera customers

Tools to manage your business - and your sponsor bank partnership

The Synctera Console

A powerful user interface for managing your banking product

  • View and manage customers, accounts, cards, transactions, and more

  • Manage roles and permissions for your team

  • Accessible by your sponsor bank as well, to help ensure proper oversight and compliance

Synctera Cases

Easy, seamless workflow management

  • Full-featured case management system streamlines risk and compliance, marketing and disclosures, customer service, and administration

  • Notifications, automated workflows, configurable assignments, and role-specific views and permissions reduce manual work and human error

  • A full history is saved for each case, making audits easier

  • Enables easy collaboration with Synctera and your bank partner

Synctera Insights

Comprehensive dashboards and reports

  • Monitor the overall health of your banking product

  • Track key compliance metrics, including ACH return rates, anti-money laundering cases, dispute cases, 314(a) searches, KYC rejections, and more

  • Includes both out-of-the-box and fully customizable reporting

A secure BaaS platform

Synctera understands that data security and integrity are of the utmost importance to our clients. Synctera has been independently audited by trusted external partners, including SOC 2, Type II attestation and PCI-DSS certification, both gathered in Q4 2021. Synctera continues to invest in certifications, attestations, and validations and has a continued commitment to these areas of independent validations.

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