Synctera for Banks

Unlock growth with Banking as a Service

Create new revenue streams and increase assets by partnering with top FinTechs. Our platform facilitates resilient partnerships by providing you with all of the tools required to manage compliance and perform oversight.

Benefits of offering Banking as a Service through Synctera

Grow revenue

Be a part of the FinTech revolution. Create new revenue streams and increase deposits by partnering with top FinTechs and enterprises - without cannibalizing your existing business.

Prioritize transparency

Get a holistic view of your partners' programs using comprehensive data dashboards and seamlessly manage operations with a robust case management system, all within the Synctera platform.

Protect your charter

The FinTech builders on the Synctera platform all use Synctera’s best-in-class risk and compliance products, and have access to our Ground Control program for banking and compliance operational support

How the Synctera platform works for banks


Onboarding is fast and easy. Decide which FinTech use cases you want to support, then work with our team to set up your BIN. Our lightweight platform and single set of APIs require minimal IT resources and no integration with your core banking system.

Meet with potential FinTech partners

Synctera continually connects you with pre-vetted FinTech and companies launching embedded banking. We consider each use case and risk profile, and make connections based on mutual compatibility.

Partner with the perfect match

Synctera's team gathers all of the key documentation and information you need to perform thorough due diligence on potential partners. Our streamlined process allows you to efficiently vet new partners, helping you find your perfect match.

Learn more about our matching process
Manage your partnerships

Use Synctera Cases to gain oversight of your FinTech partners, streamline interactions with them, and automate manual processes for key operational workflows.

Earn revenue

Earn a share of interchange revenue generated by your FinTech partners’ cards programs, and a share of the margin on the Synctera services they consume. Synctera charges banks no upfront costs and no minimum terms or commitments.


Why should you consider offering Banking as a Service (BaaS)?

“[Banking as a service is a] strategy where a financial institution partners with a fintech or other non-financial institution brand to provide financial services to the partner’s customer base, leveraging the institution’s charter and capabilities...”

— Cornerstone Advisors

Read Cornerstone Advisors’ report to learn why:

BaaS is a game-changing new revenue opportunity for community banks

Offering BaaS through a FinTech platform such as Synctera can help you maximize this opportunity

Partner Stories

FinTech partnerships in action

Coastal Community Bank (CCB) is a $1.77 billion community bank serving Washington state. As a new growth driver, its BaaS program enables digital providers to offer banking services. Growing its portfolio from two FinTech partners to more than 15 since 2015, CCB is working with Synctera to automate manual processes as it continues to scale the program.