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Great FinTech apps get built and launched with Synctera’s end-to-end BaaS platform

We are unlocking human potential through financial innovation. We give entrepreneurial teams at companies of all sizes everything they need to build innovative financial products that serve the needs of users in unique and delightful ways. Whatever your FinTech vision is, make your journey fast and easy with Synctera.


To unlock human potential through financial innovation


To be the fastest and easiest way to build the future of FinTech

Powering the next generation of financial innovation

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Peter Hazlehurst
Co-Founder & CEO
Dominik Weisserth
Co-Founder & CPO
Kris Hansen
Co-Founder & CTO
Shep Smith
Chief Operating Officer
Stella Monteiro
Chief People Officer
Mitchell Lee
Chief Risk Officer
Tripp Neville
VP of FinTech Sales
Eliana Bavli Tisch
VP of Business Development & Marketing
Sangeetha Saradha
VP of Product, Platform
Min Ma
VP of Product, Lending & Credit Products
Meredith Ross
VP of Operations
Sean Hildebrand
Head of Platform Engineering
Dave Holmes-Kinsella
Head of Data Science
Chester Montefering

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