Synctera Money Movement

Make money movement convenient for your customers

For both businesses and consumers, money movement can be slow and tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Provide seamless account funding and payments functionality to create a delightful customer experience

Provide a seamless money movement experience

Account funding

Synctera makes it easy for your customers to move money into bank accounts and digital wallets that they create with you

Collecting and sending money

Your customers can easily receive transfers from and send transfers to third parties, domestically and internationally

Peer to peer transfers

Synctera can help you create a closed-loop payments network


Simple reliable money movement

With over 29.1 billion payments last year, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is the primary way money moves electronically through the U.S. banking system. Synctera ACH seamlessly enables your bank partner to manage and execute same-day and non-same-day ACH transfers on behalf of your customers.


Money movement for high-value transactions

Wire transfers are direct point-to-point transfers, made in near real time, between any two financial institutions. They are typically used for higher-value items like property purchases or for settling large institutional transactions. Synctera Wires provides the ability for your customers to send domestic and international wire transfers from their accounts. Wire transfers clear immediately.

Instant Account Funding

Allow your customers to fund their accounts directly from their debit card in real time

Synctera Instant Account Funding makes it easy for your customers to fund the account they open with you. This payment method allows customers to "pull" funds from their debit card to instantly fund their account, increasing your product's stickiness with new customers.

Instant Push to Card

Allow your customers to push money from their accounts to any debit card in real time

Make your financial product or FinTech app more attractive to potential customers by giving them the ability to immediately access their funds via their debit card. This payment method allows you to support the growing demand for real-time, convenient payment experiences. Instant Push to Card is also commonly used to support P2P transfers, instant disbursements, and instant bill payment.

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