Synctera Bank Accounts and Digital Wallets

Offer bank accounts and digital wallets to your customers

Easily create checking accounts, savings accounts, and digital wallets for your customers. Our seamless account opening flow and comprehensive set of banking features allow you to deliver a banking product that best fits the needs of your unique customers.

A strong value proposition for your customers

Support bank accounts and digital wallets

Offer bank accounts and digital wallets to your customers through Synctera's sponsor bank partners

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Provide personalized banking experiences

Our flexible platform allows you to tailor your banking products specifically to the unique needs of your customers, allowing them to store, manage, save, collect, and send money in delightful ways

Deliver comprehensive banking solutions

Offer bank accounts and digital wallets alongside Synctera Debit Cards to provide convenient access to funds, and Synctera Line of Credit to provide a seamless borrowing experience

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Key features of Synctera Bank Accounts and Digital Wallets

Easy linking to external accounts

Synctera External Account Verification allows you to verify external accounts and comply with NACHA rules so your customers can easily move money from their existing bank account to their new one with you

Remote check deposit

Allow customers to deposit paper checks without going to a branch or ATM

Flexible sub-account structures

Use sub-accounts to set up and easily manage bank accounts for multi-level businesses and organizations

Spend controls

Use spend controls to keep spending within pre-defined limits

Get everything you need to build, launch, and scale bank accounts and digital wallets

Synctera makes it easy to manage your banking products

Use the Synctera Console and our APIs to manage the entire account lifecycle, including opening, freezing, and unfreezing accounts

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