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Synctera's BaaS platform provides the technology infrastructure and sponsor bank connection you need to easily build innovative banking, cards, payments, or lending products

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Bank accounts

Allow your consumer or business customers to open checking accounts, savings accounts, and digital wallets. Our wide range of bank account features makes it easy for your customers to save, manage, and send money in delightful ways.

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Easily issue virtual and physical cards to your customers, giving them an easy way to spend while you earn attractive interchange revenue. Make the card program your own with customizable card art, rewards functionality, and more.

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Money movement

Provide a seamless money movement experience for your customers. With a wide range of products such as ACH, wires, and instant payments, you can give your customers the money movement functionality that best fits their needs.

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Offer unsecured lines of credit to your consumer or business customers, enabling them to pay for purchases and better manage variable cash flows. Our platform and expert compliance support allows for easy servicing of your lending customers.

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Everything you need to bring your product vision to life

Connect with the right bank partner

With the most diverse set of bank partners, we match you with the sponsor bank that is most compatible with your product vision, target market, and timeline. Meet your new sponsor bank before signing, ensuring that you can launch fast with no surprises.

Build using a single set of APIs

Our modern, flexible APIs allow you to access all of the services you need to build a powerful and compliant FinTech product.  We've sourced best-in-class providers so there is no need to integrate with multiple vendors, saving you time and money.

Manage compliance and operations

The Synctera Console provides a powerful user interface to efficiently manage your FinTech product. Easily view and manage customers, collaborate with your bank partner, and access detailed reporting on your product's performance.

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The easiest way to build and scale FinTech products

Infinite scalability

With Synctera, you're not locked into your partner bank's core system, so you can easily partner with additional banks as you scale.

Accelerate time to market

Our streamlined development experience guides you through the entire process of building, testing, and launching your FinTech product, enabling you to launch in weeks.

Compliance operational support

Scale your banking product confidently and efficiently with an extra layer of compliance operations support for key compliance tasks, such as disputes, KYC reviews, and fraud issues.

Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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