Synctera Risk & Compliance

Covering compliance from all angles

Compliance is at the heart of everything we build. We believe that a direct relationship between our customers and their sponsor bank partners combined with a robust platform of compliance technology is the key to building banking products that scale.

A compliance framework built to keep you safe from launch to scale


Compliance is a team effort. We define clear roles and responsibilities based on the latest regulations and provide our sponsor bank partners and customers with effective compliance tools and frameworks.


With compliance experts from all sides of the banking ecosystem, we use this expertise to provide our customers with a library of resources and collaborate to create a tailored compliance program.


We provide the tools for our customers and sponsor bank partners to increase visibility and stay compliant with a centralized platform that enables them to track and resolve compliance workflows.

Operational Support

Scale your banking product confidently and efficiently with an extra layer of compliance operations support for key compliance tasks, such as disputes, KYC reviews, and fraud issues.

A team of compliance experts committed to your success

"Synctera's Risk & Compliance team helps our customers and sponsor bank partners stay safe and compliant from day one. We combine hands-on support with powerful, scalable tools and automation.

Crucially, we help our customers form direct relationships with their sponsor bank partners to enable alignment and collaboration as products, risk dynamics, and regulations evolve over time."

“Synctera isn't just a tool for compliance teams, we're a strategic partner. We get excited about what our clients want to build and work with them to design an effective compliance strategy.

Our platform not only integrates with that strategy to power our clients' visions, but also provides our sponsor bank partners with seamless access and oversight so that they can be confident partners.”

“Our hands-on approach to risk & compliance ensures we consider every detail in the ever-changing and complex regulatory landscape. Our work doesn't stop when we match our customers with their sponsor bank partners; we become an integral part of the process, fostering alignment and compliance through proactive collaboration during implementation and ongoing post-launch support.”

Enabling our sponsor banks to manage compliance at scale

Seamless collaboration

Our process allows our customers and sponsor bank partners to align on program details before launch. We then facilitate effective collaboration throughout the lifecycle to ensure compliance as the program grows.

Powerful reconciliation technology

Regulators are focused on ensuring banks can accurately track their programs' money movement. Our reconciliation technology is tested at scale, allowing banks to grow their partner programs with confidence.

Comprehensive oversight

The Synctera Console provides a detailed record of all customer and transaction details, providing our sponsor bank partners with the data and tools needed to perform effective oversight

A complete set of tools and APIs to build safe and secure banking products

Compliant customer onboarding

  • Synctera’s set of APIs enables our customers to access compliance technology from best-in-class providers for KYC, KYB, AML, watchlist checks, and more

  • Verify your customers' identity and protect against fraud and bad actors, while maintaining a user-friendly onboarding experience

Transaction monitoring

  • The Synctera Platform has a built-in set of controls and monitoring checks to identify and resolve fraudulent transactions or other high-risk activity

  • Leverage a complete set of tools for fraud, AML, and watchlist monitoring 

Synctera Insights

  • Synctera's dashboarding and data analysis tool provides our customers with real-time insights into how their product is being used

  • Easily monitor key compliance metrics such as ACH return rates, KYC rejections, and more

  • Allows sponsor bank partners to better audit and perform oversight over their programs

Synctera Cases

  • Seamlessly track and resolve compliance related workflows, such as manual KYC reviews or customer disputes using Synctera's case management system

  • All interactions between our customers, sponsor bank partners, and Synctera are stored to satisfy regulatory requirements, simplifying the data management process

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