Synctera Risk & Compliance

The easiest way to stay safe and compliant

Synctera's comprehensive capabilities enable you and your sponsor bank partner to easily manage regulatory compliance, while protecting both of you - and your customers - from financial criminals

Get everything you need to build an effective, easy to manage compliance program

Synctera helps you understand your obligations, get the right tools and processes in place, and evolve as you scale

Expert guidance, extensive resources

Leverage our library of 50+ bank-vetted policy templates plus step-by-step guides. Collaborate with our industry-leading Risk & Compliance experts.

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Banking and compliance operational support

Our Ground Control support program is free for the first six months - so you can launch your product before you build certain in-house capabilities.

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Launching and scaling a banking product requires compliance with a host of regulations. Use Synctera's APIs to meet your obligations and stay safe - while delivering a seamless customer experience.

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Powerful case management

Manage KYC/KYB, anti-money laundering, fraud, and disputes cases while easily collaborating with your sponsor bank partner and Synctera.

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"Synctera's Risk & Compliance team helps our clients stay safe and compliant from day one. We combine hands-on support with powerful, scalable tools and automation.

Crucially, we help our clients form resilient relationships with their sponsor bank partners to enable alignment and collaboration as products, risk dynamics, and regulations evolve over time."

- Mitchell Lee, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Synctera

Synctera Ground Control

Our banking and compliance operational support program helps you launch fast and stay compliant

How does Synctera Ground Control work?

Having Risk & Compliance policies and procedures is one thing, but having the resources to execute them is another. With Synctera Ground Control, our Risk & Compliance team provides short-term banking and compliance operational support while you work on hiring your own staff.

KYC/KYB support

BSA/AML support

Fraud support

Dispute support

Benefits of Synctera Ground Control

Increase speed to market

Avoid the bottleneck of getting your banking and compliance operations functions completely in place before you launch

Improve customer experience

Minimize disruptions to customer onboarding and customer experience by having efficient processes to resolve disputes and KYC, BSA/AML, and fraud issues

Have peace of mind

Ground Control enables you to complete your day-to-day banking and compliance operational functions, so your financial product is compliant from day one

Take your time

Ground Control gives you time to build the appropriate back office teams, partnerships, processes, and expertise into your business, so that you have a strong foundation to keep you safe as you scale

Ground control is free for the first six months
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Risk & Compliance APIs

Use Synctera's APIs to meet your compliance obligations and protect from fraud and money laundering, with seamless management from within the Synctera Console

Synctera Know Your Customer (KYC)

Easily verify that customers are who they say they are

  • Verifies information for retail customers and business owners at onboarding and on an ongoing basis

  • Checks for synthetic and fraudulent activities

  • Checks against standard watchlists, including OFAC, and for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

  • Validates the authenticity and accuracy of identification documents and selfies

Synctera Know Your Business (KYB)

Verify and monitor business customers

  • Verifies business information and related people (owners, executives) for entities onboarded

  • Validates that businesses are registered and in good standing, checks against watchlists, and checks that contact information is valid

  • Provides real-time monitoring for events that change the KYB outcome of a business, including bankruptcies, watchlist hits, and updates to filings

Synctera Fraud

Defend against fraudsters

  • Provides transaction fraud monitoring for all money movements into, out of, or within your financial product

  • A default set of rules is provided, and can be customized to your and your bank partner's needs

  • A case will be opened in Synctera Cases for any transaction that fails the rules

Synctera Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Achieve compliance and fight money laundering

  • Provides daily monitoring of all customers and transactions to check for money laundering patterns

  • Any customers or transactions that fail any rules will have a case created for further review and investigation

  • A default rule set is provided that can be altered by your partner bank to its specific needs, and to any of your company's unique needs

With automated workflows that escalate sensitive issues and reduce unnecessary bank and forth, our platform streamlines many aspects of compliance oversight and audits for both you and your bank partner
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