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Our pricing is simple and transparent. Streamlined contracting allows you to get to market quickly - so you can start earning interchange and other types of revenue.

Pricing structure to launch and scale banking products

Implementation fee

There is a one-time implementation fee as our team of experts work with you to get your banking product to market. This fee will vary depending on the complexity of the banking product you are building with Synctera.

Platform fee

The Synctera Console comes with a suite of tools you'll need to efficiently and compliantly operate your banking product. Everything from a case management system to manage compliance workflows to a data dashboard tool is included in the platform fee.

Usage-based fees

For each of the products and services you consume while operating your banking product, there is an incremental associated fee. This includes products such as KYC checks, card transactions, external account verifications, among others.

How you earn revenue through banking


When you issue cards to your customers, you will receive a share of the interchange revenue generated from each card swipe.

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Interest on deposits

When your customers store money in their accounts through your banking product, you can earn a share of the interest revenue that is generated from those deposits.

Other revenue

There are many other monetization strategies you may pursue when launching a banking product. For example, you may charge recurring or usage-based fees to your customers depending on the products they consume.

Our pricing includes everything you need to build and manage great banking products

Developer tools

Synctera comes with a full suite of APIs, developer tools, and documentation to help you build the banking product you envision.

Also leverage our Synctera Starter Apps to quickly build beautiful, intuitive banking experiences.

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Compliance and operational support

Our Ground Control program provides banking and compliance operational support, helping you meet compliance requirements while you scale.
Customers can also leverage our extensive library of bank-vetted policy templates and step-by-step guides.

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Sponsor bank partner

Synctera connects you with the sponsor bank that best fits your product vision, target market, and launch timeline.

We introduce you to your bank partner before contract signing so you can feel confident you've found your perfect match.

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Email and chat support

Hands-on support via email and Slack

World-class documentation

Comprehensive knowledge base

Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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