Compelling pricing, easy contracting

We offer competitive pricing that is simple, transparent, and usage-based. Streamlined contracting allows you to get to market quickly.

Easy contracting

Our contracting process is easy and gets you:

Technology services from Synctera
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Support from a chartered, regulated bank for the banking and account services your financial product provides
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Synctera isn’t just a SaaS vendor - we’re an end-to-end platform where you can build a financial product and get the right bank partner.

Synctera’s streamlined contracting process saves you the time and expense of negotiating and contracting with multiple technology providers and with a bank partner.

**If you prefer a custom contract directly with your bank partner, Synctera supports that too. 

Compelling economics

With Synctera, you don’t just pay for the technology services you consume - you make money too.

You receive:

A share of the interchange revenue generated by your debit card program. 

The remainder of the interchange revenue helps compensate your bank partner.

Note that interchange doesn’t have to be your only source of revenue - you may also choose to charge fees directly to your users.

You pay:

Usage-based prices for the Synctera services you consume.

Sourcing these services from individual vendors can be time-consuming and result in multiple implementation fees and minimums, plus sub-optimal pricing

We source a number of our services from best-in-class third parties, and pass the savings we negotiate on to you

Our pricing improves as you scale

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