Launch and scale with the best bank for you

Want to launch a financial product? You need a chartered, regulated bank partner to power your users’ bank accounts and money movement. Synctera connects you to the widest set of potential bank partners that are compatible with your use case, user base, timeline, and preferred contract terms - so you can launch and scale fast.

Synctera powers productive partnerships between innovators and community banks

The widest set of banks

Synctera works with more banks than any other FinTech platform or Banking as a Service (BaaS) provider. Our banks support a wide range of use cases, including complex ones such as crypto and cannabis banking.

Transparent, productive relationships

Our robust case manager enables a transparent, productive relationship between you and your bank partner so you can stay in sync on everything from compliance to reviews of marketing materials to record reconciliation.

Flexible contracting

Want to launch in weeks? Sign a contract directly with Synctera and get into production asap. Prefer to contract directly with your bank partner? Synctera supports that too.

How does it work?

Finding a compatible bank partner on your own can take months. Avoid the time and hassle by letting Synctera present you to the BaaS-ready banks already on our platform. Sign a contract with Synctera or directly with your bank partner to get the Synctera services and bank support your financial product needs - in one easy-to-manage package

Do you qualify?

You are based in the United States

Your company meets a minimum funding requirement

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