Synctera Line of Credit

Give your customers the ability to borrow on demand

Offering unsecured lines of credit to your customers can enable them to pay for purchases and better manage variable cash flows. It allows you to earn interest, fees, and interchange - all while creating stickier customer relationships and boosting customer lifetime value.

How your customers can use a line of credit

Retail customers

Smooth out variable income, pay for projects with hard-to-predict costs, or cover emergency expenses

Business customers

Meet working capital needs, opportunistically expand their business, or cover unexpected expenses


Easy customizations

You choose whether your customers will apply for a standalone line of credit or one that is linked to a checking account, and whether your customers will have the ability to transact via a linked debit card

Compliance support

Templates for account agreements, adverse action notices, and more give your compliance program a head start - and Synctera Ground Contol can manage compliance for you as long as you need

Seamless servicing

Synctera provides all the data, calculations, and capabilities required for servicing your customers - and Synctera Ground Control can help you manage customer disputes if you require it

Get everything you need to offer an embedded line of credit product

Manage your line of credit product in the Synctera Console

Use the Synctera Console manage your customers' accounts and interactions with your bank partner - plus get support from Synctera

Detailed dashboards and reports help you track the performance of your line of credit program

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