Synctera Smart Card - Consumer Secured

A convenient payment solution with credit building benefits

Offering a secured charge card to your customers can help you create stickier customer relationships, enhance your overall value proposition, and earn interchange fees at an attractive rate

A strong value proposition for your retail customers


Smart Cards can be more convenient than debit cards and prepaid cards, with wider acceptance and lower hold amounts

Access to funds

As opposed to legacy secured credit cards, Smart Card holders can withdraw their available balance at any time

Rewards potential

Interchange fees for Smart Card can be substantially more than for debit cards, giving you more flexibility to offer attractive rewards

How your customers can use a secured charge card


Manage spending and stay on budget

Credit establishers

Enter the formal credit system and build their credit profile

Credit rebuilders

Rebuild their credit profile after prior delinquencies or defaults


Switch from using a prepaid card

An easy to manage spend solution

Launching and issuing the Synctera Smart Card requires no credit decisioning, balance funding, or collections management.

Use the Synctera Console to set up, manage, and service your customers’ accounts.

How it works

The card’s available credit is equal to the available funds that the customer maintains in a linked deposit account

As the customer makes credit purchases on the card, an equal amount of funds in the linked deposit account are put on hold, and the card’s available credit decreases in tandem

The cardholder must pay the card’s balance in full on the payment due date

If the balance is not paid on time, funds on hold in the linked deposit account are used to settle the monthly statement

The customer is charged 0% APR

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