Find your perfect match with Synctera

Whether you are looking for the right sponsor bank partner to launch your banking product or you are a bank wanting to grow your business by partnering with top FinTechs, Synctera is the BaaS matchmaker you need to form long-term, resilient relationships.

Why you need a BaaS matchmaker that thinks further than just the "first date"

For FinTechs

  • Find the bank partner that best matches your vision, target market, and product use case
  • Scale effectively by forming a strong partnership with your bank partner that prioritizes compliance and transparency
  • Communication is key to a healthy relationship. We provide the technology necessary for effective collaboration between you and your bank partner.
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For Banks

  • Our platform is built to adhere to compliance requirements and provide you with the data you need to perform effective oversight
  • We provide the processes and resources you need to conduct thorough due diligence prior to forming FinTech partnerships
  • Easily manage communications and operations with your FinTech partners through the Synctera console
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