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Changelog - April 2022

Our latest updates to the Synctera platform. This month, there’s new features and fixes for: KYC - SSN Prefill; Card updates

The FinTech's guide to interchange revenue

What is interchange revenue? What’s the first step to earning revenue from interchange fees? How do I make a card program? We answer these common FinTech questions and show you how to generate revenue from interchange fees by building a card program for your FinTech use case.

A day in the life of a Synctera Front-End Engineer

What does a Front-end engineer do? Learn about Jenni Street: a Synctera Front-End Engineer working on the FinTech's developer documentation site, our tech platform, and t-minus10 Jenni’s pod FaaS and Furious helps make it easy for FinTechs to onboard and start building financial services

FinTech Founders' Guide

Personalized financial services like affinity banking, embedded finance, and more are here to stay. As you’re building your FinTech, this blog will help you think about developing your idea and taking it to market fast.

Synctera’s modern approach to security compliance

This blog describes the unique security approach we take with our systems, controls, and processes and demonstrates how we meet and exceed recognized security standards without creating friction in our day-to-day operations.

How to stand up a card product with Banking as a Service

Building and launching a debit cards program is difficult and time-consuming. The FinTech must find an issuing bank sponsor, perform the necessary due diligence, and be prepared to provide ongoing oversight to ensure the debit cards program is compliant with all applicable laws.

Navigating FinTech fraud: How banks and FinTechs can work together to prevent fraudulent activities.

How banks and FinTechs can work together to protect their businesses from fraudulent activities

Top six risk management responsibilities for FinTechs

While effective risk management requires close coordination between the FinTech and the bank, there are specific responsibilities borne by the FinTech that must also be incorporated. This blog post examines the top six risk management responsibilities for FinTechs when partnering with banks.

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