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Meet Synctera’s Use Case Explorer: The New Blueprint for Building with Banking as a Service

Discover your FinTech use case and make it reality in a few minutes. With the Synctera Use Case Explorer, watch Synctera's APIs come alive and connect with the Synctera Starter App for retail banking - a customizable codebase we’re giving away for free.

Changelog: September 2022

A summary of the big product updates we've made over the last month

What is Embedded Finance? An Explainer on the New Way Non-Financial Companies Can Help People

Peter Hazlehurst, CEO, shares his definition of embedded finance and provides a brief history from his POV as a FinTech builder. Read Peter's thoughts about: what embedded finance looks like for big companies, a hypothetical use case for a company you may have heard of, and how to start thinking about embedding financial services.

How to Get Started with Synctera Line of Credit

Learn about our newest lending product, its benefits for companies and consumers, and how to start building with it

Changelog: August 2022

A summary of our big product updates we've made over the last month

Ledger as a Service: The Power of Using a Modern Ledger for Your Financial Product

We introduce FinTech builders to modern ledger technology that "rocks." Read on to learn about: What a ledger is; Why ledger technology is important for modern FinTechs; Ledger as a service; Benefits of using ledger as a service

How to Create Resilient Banking as a Service Partnerships

FinTechs getting debanked is completely avoidable as long as their relationship with their bank partner is strong. Read our CRO's guide on how FinTechs and banks can both make their BaaS partnership resilient.

Changelog: May, June, and July 2022

Over the past few months, the Synctera product team has been hard at work building innovative new debit card, ACH, KYC, account verification, and platform features that make it even faster and easier to build a financial product than ever before. We also released wire transfers and transfers with cards in alpha. Read about our work.

Ultimate Guide to Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit are an important way today’s consumers can get access to credit to manage expenses, make purchases manageable, and more. FinTechs can also unlock a new revenue stream by offering Lines of Credit to their customers in an increasingly competitive credit-product market.

What is a Case Management System?

Case managers or case management systems are designed to help teams manage cases related to fraud, KYC, AML, and more. Read about how Synctera is making it easy for teams to manage compliance and operations for their financial products.

What the ParityPledge Means to Me

Synctera announced its commitment to the Parity Pledge. Learn more about this exciting DEI initiative and how one of Synctera’s Leaders, David Holmes-Kinsella (DHK), thinks about extending it beyond just the interview process

Changelog - April 2022

Our latest updates to the Synctera platform. This month, there’s new features and fixes for: KYC - SSN Prefill; Card updates

The FinTech's Guide to Interchange Revenue

What is interchange revenue? What’s the first step to earning revenue from interchange fees? How do I make a card program? We answer these common FinTech questions and show you how to generate revenue from interchange fees by building a card program for your FinTech use case.

A Day in the Life of a Synctera Front-End Engineer

What does a Front-end engineer do? Learn about Jenni Street: a Synctera Front-End Engineer working on the FinTech's developer documentation site, our tech platform, and t-minus10 Jenni’s pod FaaS and Furious helps make it easy for FinTechs to onboard and start building financial services

FinTech Founders' Guide

Personalized financial services like affinity banking, embedded finance, and more are here to stay. As you’re building your FinTech, this blog will help you think about developing your idea and taking it to market fast.

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