Synctera for Startups

Bring your FinTech vision to life faster with Synctera

Whether you are launching a pure play FinTech app, or financial products are just one component of your business model, Synctera has everything startups need to build a new banking, wallet, payments, or lending offering - and launch it fast

Powering the next generation of financial innovation

Synctera is helping startups revolutionize financial services

Here are just some of the things startups are building on Synctera

Niche financial services for specific verticals

Build a financial product for a particular business or consumer market segment

Financial flexibility and wellness

Create new solutions that help consumers spend, borrow and save more efficiently

Payments and remittances

Reduce friction and costs in payments

Why startups love building on the Synctera platform

A one-stop shop to build and launch a new financial product in weeks

Build a great financial product

Use a single API to access all the proven, secure components you need to build a banking, wallet, payments, or lending product

Avoid the time and expense of sourcing and integrating with multiple vendors

Lightweight, modern core system has the flexibility to accommodate cutting-edge use cases

Get to market fast

No matter your level of financial industry expertise, Synctera’s streamlined development experience - will guide you through the entire process of building, testing, and launching a new financial product

Attract investors by testing your product with real money and a real bank in our live testing environment

Synctera’s can help you get a compatible bank partner fast

Create a foundation for long-term growth

Use Synctera’s waitlist functionality to start building a user base

Synctera’s Ground Control program helps you ensure compliance from day one

Launch an MVP and then start building your next iteration in parallel in our streamlined development experience

Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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