[Whitepaper] FinTech collaboration: Real options for community banks

[Whitepaper] FinTech collaboration: Real options for community banks

Synctera has partnered with Aite Group to produce a report exploring why Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) has become a major trend in the financial industry, supporting financial technology firms’ needs for easy access to banking services. The report demonstrates how small and midsize financial institutions can offer BaaS to fintech firms and create new revenue streams while keeping investment and resource commitments to a minimum. This report explores the following areas:

  • The trend to BaaS as a solution to the banking service needs of fintech firms and neobanks
  • The challenges that community banks face in developing BaaS and the options they have to implement BaaS solutions
  • Synctera’s technology by describing the features and the functions that enable small and midsize institutions to functionally collaborate with fintech firms
  • A case study of Synctera’s customer—Coastal Community Bank (CCB)—as a working example of current possibilities for similarly sized financial institutions to leverage platform technologies

Download the full report here to learn more and reach out to Synctera if you'd like to discuss how we can help your company incorporate Banking-as-a-Service into your strategy.

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