Synctera promotes four leaders as it expands services, enhances customer experience, and increases FinTech partner support

March 2022

Synctera promotes four leaders as it expands services, enhances customer experience, and increases FinTech partner support

March 2022

At Synctera, our goal is to help FinTechs bring their business objectives to life. Our partnerships are powering successful launches and supporting relationships between developers and community banks, and we are dedicated to amplifying these efforts in 2022 and beyond.

We understand that to build any idea –whether it's a new financial app or a startup like ours– people need support, tools, and energy to lay a great foundation. For us at Synctera, this means empowering the most innovative thinking at all levels of our organization to better help builders everywhere create the “Future of FinTech.”

Today, we are excited to announce several promotions that will advance this mission:

  • Sarah Mirsky-Terranova has been promoted to Chief Compliance Officer. Sarah previously served as Vice President of Compliance for Synctera. Since joining in August 2021, Sarah has implemented a robust compliance training program, and advises bank partners and FinTechs on matters related to BSA/AML, fraud, KYC, OFAC, and consumer compliance.
  • Mitchell Lee has been promoted to Chief Risk Officer. Mitchell previously served as Vice President of Risk and has been with Synctera since July 2021. He oversees FinTech due diligence, third party risk management, and works closely with bank partners on FinTech Banking implementation and risk and regulatory matters.
  • Eliana Bavli Tisch expands her role of VP, Business Development to include the marketing function. She brings over 15 years of experience, most recently working at Google in business development and in advertising.
  • Devika Darbari expands her role of VP of Strategy & Operations to include bank implementations and onboarding, alongside program management, operations, FinTech and partner onboarding. Joining Synctera in September 2021, Devika has previously held positions as COO at several FinTech start-ups, and has over 10 years of product management experience.

With these new promotions, the Synctera team continues its commitment to providing FinTechs with the tools, resources, technology, and support needed to succeed in today’s environment. We are immensely proud of the capabilities Synctera offers to FinTechs, community banks and others within the financial services ecosystem.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah, Mitchell, Eliana and Devika as they take on these expanded roles and advance Synctera’s mission of unlocking human potential and creating a foundation for FinTech innovation.

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