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Whatever banking, payments, or lending experience you want to create, Synctera has all the components you need. Offer bank accounts, debit cards, ACH and wire transfers, and lines of credit. With Synctera, everything is streamlined and transparent, allowing you to launch fast, operate efficiently, and provide a great customer experience.

Reasons to build banking, payments, and lending on Synctera

Increase revenue

Earn interchange revenue from card swipes, or charge fees if that’s part of your business model

Enhance your value proposition

Adding a financial product to your offering can increase customer engagement and improve customer experience

Control costs

We source many of our services from world-class vendors, and provide them to you at preferred pricing

Synctera Debit Card

Provide convenient access to funds

Synctera Debit Card enables you to issue virtual and physical debit cards and process debit transactions safely and efficiently via your bank partner. Fully featured, Synctera Debit Card supports digital wallets, tokenization, spend controls, and customized artwork on physical cards to enhance your brand. Synctera also supports push to card transactions so users can start swiping their cards immediately, and lets you make transaction approval decisions in real time based on your own business rules.

Synctera ACH

Simple, reliable money movement

With over 29.1 billion payments last year, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is the primary way money moves electronically through the U.S. banking system. With Synctera ACH, your customers can use ACH transfers to fund their accounts, pay bills, and move money. Synctera ACH seamlessly enables your bank partner to manage and execute same-day and non-same-day ACH transfers on behalf of your customers.

Synctera Wires

Money movement for high-value transactions

Wire transfers are direct point-to-point transfers, made in near real time, between any two financial institutions. They are typically used for higher-value items like property purchases or for settling large institutional transactions. Synctera Wires provides the ability for your customers to send domestic wire transfers from their accounts. Wire transfers clear immediately. 

Synctera External Account Verification

Verify account ownership, identity, and balance when funding new accounts

Before funding a new account via an electronic ACH debit, National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules require that accounts must be validated for ownership and use prior to processing debit transactions. Synctera Accounts makes it easy for you to verify external accounts and comply with NACHA rules, so your customers can start using their accounts quickly.

Synctera Line of Credit

Give your customers the ability to borrow on demand

Your retail customers may want to borrow money on demand to help smooth out variable income, pay for projects with hard-to-predict costs, or cover emergency expenses. Your business customers may want to borrow on demand to meet working capital needs, opportunistically expand their business, or cover unexpected expenses. A line of credit can meet the needs of both of these customer segments, and give them flexibility to pay for purchases with cash or by debit card.

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