Synctera Ledger

A modern ledger system for innovative financial products

Don't allow your product to be constrained by legacy technology. Our BaaS platform uses a proprietary ledger as a service, ensuring your data foundation is as modern as the product you are building.

Synctera Ledger

Our ledger as a service sits alongside - not within - your partner bank’s core system. This gives you more insights and control over the single source of truth for your customer, account, and transaction data.

Launch more innovative use cases

Expand the list of products and features you can launch, now and in the future. Our ledger can accommodate custom account structures, flows, and relationships - increasing the innovation opportunities in your product roadmap.

Improve operational efficiency

Reduce manual processes by having one centralized place to manage your customers’ entire account lifecycle. Understand your business, streamline the accounting cycle, and easily report on your current position.

Gain better customer insights

Synctera, not your partner bank, serves as the single source of truth for your customer data. This gives you increased control and visibility into your data, enabling your teams to solve issues and enhance the customer experience.

Build using a modern data architecture

Legacy ledger systems are built with traditional banking operations in mind. Our ledger as a service uses a customer-centric and event-based data architecture, tailored to the needs of modern financial products.

A central place to manage your customers' data and key workflows

Manage the entire account lifecycle

Manage transaction and overdraft limits

Generate statements

Calculate interest and charge fees

Configure customer notifications

Access real-time customer data

Synctera Reconciliation

Streamline account and transaction reconciliation processes 

When you work with a bank partner to power your financial product’s accounts and money movement, on a daily basis you will need to reconcile your transaction history against both the bank’s general ledger (GL) and the various payments networks. When records don’t match, transactions must be traced back to identify and resolve discrepancies. Synctera Reconciliation automates this process, giving you:

Peace of mind: Properly processing and controlling transactional, operational, and reference data helps ensure there are no missing transactions or funds, and creates a feedback loop with your bank partner.

Enhanced efficiency: Synctera’s alerts and intuitive search capabilities make it easy to find and resolve exceptions. Automating manual reconciliation processes allows you to redeploy resources to other value-added activities.

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