As a central point of truth for your FinTech operations, Ledger-as-a-Service acts as a book of record and primary source of key information, including customer, account and transaction data. By outsourcing this foundational component to Synctera, you can get up and running quickly, easily and efficiently.


Complete transparency

Both the FinTech and the bank have full visibility into the FinTech’s position at any time.

Lower cost to serve

Forgo an expensive core banking system for a lightweight alternative.


Ledger components

Full access to key information at your fingertips—customers, accounts, balances, transactions, relationships and more.

Optional ledger models

Choose from a leading ledger or shadow ledger, an asynchronous copy of your leading ledger from the primary ledger provider.

Always-on data availability

Engage in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no batch windows, including next-day analytics and AML transaction monitoring.


Use end-of-day information from external systems to support day-to-day reconciliation processes.

Easy-to-use API

Interface with other systems—general ledger, payments, channels, etc.

Additional features

  • Customer and account master
  • Customer, account and product versioning
  • Account templates
  • Transaction immutability
  • Pricing
  • Transaction verification and authorization
  • Recurring payments
  • P2P payments
  • ACH Payment Integration
  • Remote deposit capture (RDC) integration
  • Internal transfers
  • Holds
  • Reversals
  • Return and error processing
  • Restrictions
  • Access limits
  • Statements
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