Operational support for your new financial product

Having Risk and Compliance policies and procedures is one thing, but having the resources to execute them is another. Ground Control helps you get to market fast while helping you meet compliance obligations.


How does it work?

If you’re launching a new financial product with Synctera, Ground Control provides complimentary, short-term, end-to-end banking and compliance operational support.

KYC support

BSA/AML support

Fraud support

Dispute support


Increase speed to market

Avoid the bottleneck of getting your banking and compliance operations functions completely in place before you launch

Improve customer experience

Minimize disruptions to customer onboarding and customer experience by having efficient processes to resolve disputes and KYC, BSA/AML, and fraud issues

Have peace of mind

Ground Control enables you to complete your day-to-day banking and compliance operational functions, so your financial product is compliant from day one

Take your time

Ground Control gives you time to build the appropriate back office teams, partnerships, processes, and expertise into your business, so that you have a strong foundation to keep you safe as you scale

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