The easiest way to build banking for your customers

Enhance your value proposition and boost revenue by offering banking products and services to your customers. Synctera's Banking as a Service platform has everything you need to build, launch, and scale embedded banking and FinTech products.

Built for developers, by developers

Use a single set of flexible, secure APIs to access all the best-in-class technologies you need to build a great banking product. Whether you’re new to the financial industry or not, Synctera's extensive documentation helps you build.

Partner with the right bank for your vision

Synctera has a wide range of sponsor banks on our BaaS platform that can power your financial product’s capabilities. We facilitate resilient relationships between you and the sponsor bank partner that is most compatible with your unique product vision, target market, and timeline - so you can launch and scale with confidence.

Powering the next generation of financial innovation

Building the future of banking in the US and Canada

We're expanding our platform into Canada to help even more businesses build innovative banking products. With Synctera, you’ll be able to build and launch embedded banking and FinTech products in both the US and Canada.

The Synctera Platform

Synctera Ledger

The single source of truth for all of your customer, account, and transaction data. The Synctera Ledger seamlessly ingests all customer data and reconciles that data across systems, allowing you to track every penny that flows through your platform.

Synctera Console

Gain visibility and control over your entire banking ecosystem. The Synctera Console provides our customers and bank partners with the tools and reporting they need to effectively manage compliance and make operations more efficient.

Great banking products get built and scaled on Synctera’s end-to-end platform

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