We’ve made building financial products easy so you can focus on delighting your users

Whether financial services are core to your offering or an enhancement to your value proposition, Synctera offers the complete set of tools you need to succeed. Here are just some of the things you can build on Synctera to better serve your customers, employees, or members.

Synctera can help any industry build and launch a financial product

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Business to Business (B2B)

Pay employees or suppliers more efficiently, offer bonuses and loans to employees, put better spend controls on corporate cards, improve factoring and financing, and move large transaction amounts. 

Business to Consumer (B2C)

A financial product may be the center piece of your offering, or it may be an enhancement. Synctera lets you focus on providing a great user experience by providing the entire backend for your product.

Cannabis banking

Build wallet products so consumers can pay more conveniently at dispensaries. Provide banking to dispensaries so they can move away from cash by issuing employee cards and paying vendors through bank transfers.


Connect Synctera to any crypto ramp and provide services like cards, disbursements, and money movement to your crypto-savvy customers.

Services for nonprofits

Help nonprofits raise and disburse funds more efficiently.

Wealth management and investing

Create a truly comprehensive solution by augmenting your offering with banking, payments, and lending.

Bank accounts

With Synctera, users can easily move money between their existing bank accounts and your financial product, with immediate access to funds. Synctera supports bank accounts with overdraft protection, lines of credit, mobile check deposit, and spend controls.

Offer checking or savings accounts to:

  • Provide unique, personalized banking experiences

  • Support FDIC-insured money storage

  • Allow users to collect and send money

Card programs

Issue debit cards that:

  • Provide rewards, such as cash back on spending

  • Allow users to easily spend and manage money that is typically hard to access, including money in 401(k)s, 529 plans, or other investment accounts

  • Enable users to save and transact in novel ways, such as as with a friend group or separate partner accounts

  • Encourage financial wellness with an intuitive user experience

  • Feature personalized and customizable card art 

  • Implement ultra fine-grained controls on spend

Money movement

Money movement can be slow and tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Provide a delightful payments experience by using the rails that Synctera offers - including ACH, wire transfers, and "transfer with card" transactions - to:

  • Provide a better bill pay experience

  • Disburse money to employees faster

  • Provide a great fundraising experience

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