Many FinTechs are looking to offer a better money movement experience. With ACH as the domestic payments format in the U.S., ACH-as-a-Service delivers an easy way for community banks to manage and execute ACH payment instructions on behalf of their FinTech partners.


Easy payment execution

Our easy-to-use API and user interface make ACH payments a breeze.

Lightweight implementation

Get up and running quickly with no integration required.

Complete transparency

Both the FinTech and the bank have full visibility into the FinTech’s payment activity.


Incoming ACH processing

Route instructions from inbound ACH files and credit respective customer accounts.

Transaction types

Assign transaction types to differentiate various ACH payments.

File processing options

Process ACH files separately by FinTech partner or in aggregate.

Outgoing ACH processing

Initiate an API call to send money to external accounts and debit customer accounts.

Pre-payment verification

Ensure the account is open and in good standing, funds are available and the beneficiary account is valid prior to executing the payment.

Recurring payments

Set up recurring ACH payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Pre-scheduled payments

Create ACH instructions up to three months in advance of the planned execution date.

Good to know

Our ACH-as-a-Service API requires Synctera’s ledger to serve as the leading ledger.

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