We understand your challenges. We've been there.

Our story begins a few short years ago when a community bank decided to enter the BaaS market. Immediately, it discovered how limited and resource-draining it was to connect with the world of FinTech. Believing that financial products should be easy to access and simple to use, the bank collaborated with leading VCs to found us, Synctera, and our powerful platform.

Our mission? To listen.

From day one, we've engaged face-to-face with community banks and FinTechs, listening attentively to their aspirations and thinking long and hard about the reconciliation roadblocks holding them back. It's this human approach that helps us simplify onboarding and accelerate time to market.

And because no two stories are the same, our solutions remain malleable. We ensure all parties have the freedom to develop fresh revenue streams while leveraging current capabilities in new ways—all without worrying about compliance.

Our values


We build connections between FinTech pioneers and community banks to improve the lives of everyone.


We provide a 360-degree overview of the partnership, including full compliance reports.


We offer the most robust data-protection features available so you can scale securely.

Our team

Peter Hazlehurst

Peter Hazlehurst

Co-Founder & CEO

Dominik Weisserth

Dominik Weisserth

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Kris Hansen

Kris Hansen

Co-Founder & CTO

Our investors

We’re backed by leading VCs who believe in our platform and everything we’re trying to accomplish. Like us, they're all about creating connections.

Our clients

We work with innovators and trusted institutions of all shapes and sizes.

Our partners

Working with our growing list of best-in-breed service providers and other partners, we can offer the best experience to community banks and FinTechs alike.

We're solving complex problems—you probably have a few questions.
Our team looks forward to answering them.
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