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Whether you’re a seasoned Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) veteran or considering BaaS for the first time, our FinTech-as-a-Service platform provides the tools to streamline reconciliation, compliance risk and operations, while protecting your banking license. Explore what our platform can do for you.

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Dream big. We’ll bring fuel.

Our marketplace approach helps expand the supply of prospective banks to compete for your business, while our FinTech-as-a-Service platform allows you to choose the tools and services you need to minimize risk, remain compliant and increase operational efficiency.

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Let’s build something great

Our recently launched developer portal gives you access to easy-to-understand and use API documentation. If you want to get your hands dirty, there’s a sandbox for you to play in.

Did somebody say sandbox?

Welcome to FinTech-as-a-Service

Our flexible FinTech-as-a-Service platform securely integrates with key systems to support reconciliation, regulatory compliance and other operational processes related to your FinTech partnership program.

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When we say together, we mean it.

Our story begins a few short years ago when a community bank decided to enter the BaaS market. Believing that financial products should be easy to access and simple to use, the bank collaborated with leading VCs to found us, Synctera, and our powerful platform.

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We make it easy to get into BaaS

Community banks are facing headwinds on multiple fronts

Traditionally the backbone of the U.S. banking system, community banks lean on their strong local presence and in-market relationships. But amidst the low interest rate environment, fierce competition and rising expectations in a digital world, you’re struggling to find your next growth play. Not only that, you’re also grappling with legacy system constraints, finite resources and a heavy regulatory burden.

Your next FinTech partnership awaits

The good news is community banks are well positioned to play in the FinTech space. With the right partners, your Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) strategy creates a revenue opportunity without cannibalizing your existing business, while offering a compelling way to level the playing field with larger banks.

There’s also a large imbalance in the market today, with a plethora of fintechs that need access to a sponsor bank and too few sponsor banks ready to partner. We’re here to help change that.

The challenge with bank/FinTech partnerships

Community banks face several roadblocks when partnering with FinTechs. You probably have limited resources available to support your FinTech partnerships. A lack of visibility into your partners’ day-to-day operations exposes your banking license to regulatory risk if controls are not operating as intended.

Back office constraints result in time-consuming, costly manual processes and complex technology integrations. And it takes considerable time to onboard your new FinTech partners.

What to expect with Synctera

Deep domain expertise

Our team brings decades of banking and FinTech experience to bear across go-to-market, product, engineering and enterprise risk management and compliance, as well as a proven track record of success.

Your FinTech matchmaker

Our marketplace model includes prospective FinTech partners of all shapes and sizes, with a range of risk profiles, allowing you to select the best partner for your needs.

Rapid partner onboarding

Vet partners quickly, price them accurately and onboard seamlessly in as little as 90 days from contract signing.

Contracting made easy

Working with Synctera simplifies contracting—no more juggling conditions and pricing models across multiple third-party vendors—and streamlines your due diligence process.

Aligned business model

It’s simple—when you’re successful, we’re successful. Our 50/50 revenue share model allows you to pay as you go with no upfront costs and no minimum term or commitments.

Diversify your revenue sources

Generate new sources of revenue on FinTech services that are not otherwise possible.

Regulatory transparency

Our team brings decades of banking and FinTech experience to bear across go-to-market, product, engineering and compliance, as well as a proven track record of success.

Best-in-class security

Our marketplace model allows you to evaluate multiple options and select the best bank partner for your needs.

Ongoing platform enhancements

Get to market within 90 days of contract signing. Launch quickly and efficiently without regulatory or compliance setbacks. By working with us, you’ll avoid having to sign contracts with multiple vendors and simplify the bank approvals necessary for launch.


Grow your BaaS program to include multiple FinTech partners with just a small team—no need to add an army of enterprise risk management and compliance professionals.

Your second line of defense

When it comes to BaaS, community banks face complex, and at times confusing, supervisory expectations in areas such as consumer compliance, BSA/AML compliance, vendor management and cybersecurity risk management. Synctera’s industry risk experts, led by a former bank regulator, will be with you throughout the entire process. We’ll develop a deep understanding of your bank’s risk appetite and limits for your FinTech activities to align with your institution’s unique risk profile. In this way, Synctera serves as your second line of defense.


First Line of Defense

The Fintech is the risk taker

Risk taking is the day-to-day operations that have the inherent risk and pose incremental risk exposures to the regulated community bank

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Second Line of Defense

Synctera provides risk oversight

Real-time, ongoing monitoring of risk exposures resulting from Fintech activites

Community bank

Third Line of Defense

The Bank provides risk assurance

Periodic, targeted testing and validation of internal controls and their effectiveness at both the FinTech and Synctera

Coastal community bank
Coastal Community Bank’s journey

Coastal Community Bank (CCB) is a $1.77 billion community bank serving Washington state. As a new growth driver, its BaaS program enables digital providers to offer banking services. Growing its portfolio from two FinTech partners to 15 since 2015, CCB is working with Synctera to automate manual processes as it continues to scale the program.

We’re solving complex problems—you probably have a few questions.

Our team looks forward to answering them.

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