A robust marketplace and powerful platform

We connect traditional banking operations with FinTech innovations, tearing down barriers stifling healthy business—namely, a lack of regulatory oversight and limited solutions to complex processes slow down launches. We offer a platform that provides a range of flexible features and services for different banking and FinTech needs. And if you're having trouble finding the right bank or FinTech to partner with, we'll help you find a match and onboard you quickly.

Partner and scale the way you want

Our platform is flexible and allows you to use best of breed components if you want to build from scratch and have deep technical resources. Want to go faster? We also provide an all-in-one solution that expedites the partnership to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and speed up time to market. Our initial product offerings are:

Synctera Products
Protect and reconcile

This service provides a gateway to not only the bank's charter layer but also its compliance layer. With it, partners can receive case management support, regulatory reporting, AML as a service, KYC as a service, and data extraction for regulators—all of which means faster time to market, fewer supplier contracts, and less infrastructure to build. And with our modular architecture, you're invited to use our turnkey platform or bring on your own partners. Additionally, we focus on creating operational efficiency by reconciling your processors, networks, ACH providers, or simply your FBO accounts. We provide the transparency that you, your partners, and regulators want.

High-performance ledger and data analytics

With our core services, the platform works as a pathway connecting the FinTech partner and the bank. It seamlessly lets the partner manage account funds, ACH, wire transfers, and payment rails, while an automated compliance ledger keeps everything transparent. Count on exceptional data access, operational efficiency, smooth transactions, embedded fraud services, and lower costs by avoiding API fees. Our regulatory services also include guidance at the start of the partnership to ensure exceptionally smooth onboarding.

Partners that empower our platform

We're in the process of partnering with some of the industry's most trusted innovators to equip you with tools you can rely on.

Not sure which service and product features best fit your needs? Chat with us for a full overview of our platform.
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