Working as one

We'll help you build the most robust user experiences and partnerships possible. By working with us, you mitigate risk, optimize workflow, and streamline processes with community banks.

A powerful pathway for FinTech

Gracefully migrate to any host bank with 100% reliability. Moreover, our flexible partner engagement models extend your reach and get you to market quicker.

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What to expect with Synctera

Speed to market

Get to market within 90 days of contract signing. Launch quickly and efficiently without regulatory or compliance setbacks. By working with us, you'll avoid having to sign contracts with multiple vendors and simplify the bank approvals necessary for launch.

Cost-conscious solutions

With multiple banks competing for your FinTech partnership, you benefit from low implementation costs and platform fees that scale with you. We ensure solutions remain competitively priced for FinTechs of all sizes—even the latest YC graduates!


Easily integrate with banks to manage deposits, payments, lending, and all other areas of asset management. Do you have an idea we haven't considered? Our team is ready to build new APIs that align with your objectives.

Beyond flexible

Whether you're employing a simple model or highly sophisticated KYC processes, we'll shape solutions that let you engage with banks smoothly.

Exceptional customer experience

Deliver amazing customer experiences with minimal end-user friction—especially regarding customer onboarding and KYC.

Hands-off compliance

Don't waste resources contending with regulations, compliance, and banking operations. We streamline everything so you can focus on what you do best.

Learn more about how we accelerate your time to market and forge winning partnerships—we're eager to walk you through the process.
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