Bridging banks and better tech

Forge rich FinTech partnerships based on experience and trust. Easy onboarding and full regulatory oversight make FinTech integration safe, simple, operationally efficient, and fully transparent.

A competitive advantage for community banks

Easily vet FinTech companies to unlock new markets, demographics, and opportunities. Leverage our flexible platform to engage a wide range of partners and explore fresh revenue streams.

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What to expect with Synctera

Smooth partner onboarding

Vet partners quickly, price them accurately, and onboard seamlessly. Our system can get partners to market in as little as 90 days from contract signing.

Contracting made easy

Minimize contractual complexity. Working with Synctera means no more juggling conditions and pricing models from third-party vendors.

Fully loaded tech stack

Appreciate an easy-to-use, scalable tech stack that gives partners self-serve options related to sandboxes, documentation, and implementation.

Aligned business model: 50/50 revenue share

It's simple—you win, we win. Let's share in the success of your FinTech-banking partnerships.

Best-in-class security

Gain peace of mind with predictive security analytics, AML/KYC Compliant fraud management systems, and automated policy enforcement.

Regulatory transparency

Thanks to automated reporting, you get full visibility into partner activities and operations, as well as regulatory approvals.

If you have questions about compliance, security, or anything at all, reach out to us. We're happy to fill you in on all the details.
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